bad history
The History of B@D

Everything started back in 1997 when Ultima Online was a new game, it wasn't just a new game however, it was what many consider the birth of the MMORPG genre. Never before could you interact competitively with thousands of other players in a fantasy world, a fantasy world that was shaped by the players, where the players wrote the history, not the developers. Ultima Online opened my eyes up to many opportunities, one of which was multiplayer gaming. Before Ultima Online all I had played was single player games and the multiplayer availability was very limited. With Ultima Online however the potential seemed limitless at the time and after playing with a few smaller guilds the formation of The Feck Ups was a fact.

The Feck Ups (TfU) was the first incarnation of B@D and consisted mainly of me, my brother Baal and a few of our friends, some that are still with us to this day. The Feck Ups was in no way a competetive guild, it was more of a griefing and scamming type guild that just played to mess with people, with no real goal or serious visions. I still fondly remember killing packhorses and raising hell in Minoc with my macer MR FREEZE. However it wasn't the killing of the packhorses that was the fun part, it was the reaction of their owners. A few memorable quotes include: "I hope your mother dies from Cancer", "I'd kill you if I saw your in real life you little shit" and then it was the time when me and my brother griefed a guy for so long he ended up crying on his keyboard.

The real Bad Boys for Life guild was formed in the spring of 2001 and it still to this day share the same enjoyment for griefing and scamming as The Feck Ups. However what differentiates the two guilds is that Bad Boys for Life is the best at what it does, bar none. The guild was formed with real life friends and people we got to know throughout our years in Ultima Online, a game we stayed with until 2003 when the AoS expansion launched and ruined the game. Some of us continued to play on player run servers up until 2007 but after that the Ultima Online chapter of the guild was closed.

In february 2009 we started playing Darkfall, a game that initially felt like the true sequel to Ultima Online but with time it became evident how unfinished and flawed the game really was. We were however, as usual very successful in Darkfall, we had the number one crafter for the first month of the game as well as a flawless sieging statistic against our enemies that severely outnumbered us most of the time.

Now a few years later, the sequel to Darkfall is about to launch and we're looking forward to a new age of domination by our lethal, effective, experienced and tightly knit guild. If the game lives up to expectations this time around we will be here for the long haul.

// Mani Shakib Pour - Guildmaster of B@D